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Pardon has limited legal effect, and does not restore civil or other rights lost under state law, and is not entered into law enforcement databases.

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An individual who receives a pardon that restores full rights of citizenship must still petition the court for restoration. See Blackwell v. Haslam , WL , slip. However, a pardon may be helpful in connection with employment and licensing decisions. For example, according to the Board, applications for some nursing licenses provide that an applicant need not report a felony conviction if it has been pardoned. In addition, a pardon may serve as grounds for a court order restoring civil rights.

Effective May , a pardon may serve as grounds for expungement, and thus restoration of firearms rights. A hearing is held by the Board in every case where the applicant is deemed worthy of favorable consideration. If a hearing is held, the Board notifies various interested parties, including the prosecutor, judge and police.

The legislative oversight committees also receive notification of the hearing. After the Board makes its recommendation to the governor, it forwards to the legislative oversight committees the names of those it is recommending and those it is not, along with reasons in each case. To demonstrate good citizenship, an applicant must provide written communication from at least five persons verifying the period of good citizenship, and written verification of a specific and compelling need.

In recent years, the annual reports of the Board of Parole have included no information about pardon grants, and it does not appear that Governor Haslam to present has granted any.

From to January Governor Phil Bredesen , the Board received pardon applications, granted 16 hearings, and recommended 15 cases favorably. In the other six cases the Board did not hold a hearing based on failure to comply with technical requirements. From to Governor Donald Sundquist , the Board received applications for pardon, granted a hearing in 32 cases, and recommended favorably in 15 cases, all of which were granted.

Source: Board of Probation and Parole. Until recently, Tennessee provided for judicial restoration of rights, but not for expungement of adult convictions, even convictions that have been pardoned. See State v.

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Blanchard , S. Laws Pub. Expungement now restores firearms rights even for drug and violent offenders.

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And, because a pardon may now serve as grounds for expungement under a law, it too restores firearms rights. In , the expungement authority was broadened to cover up to two qualifying convictions. As noted in section I, above, the right to vote is restored in most cases without court action upon expiration of sentence.

Note that persons with convictions from other states or with federal convictions may qualify for restoration of rights under this provision. The law makes no provision for informing persons convicted of violent offenses. The judicial restoration procedure requires filing a petition in the circuit court of the county of residence with proper notice to both federal and state prosecutors and proof of character. Federal and out-of-state offenders residing in the state are also eligible. There is a presumption that the full citizenship rights of the petitioner shall be restored, which may be overcome only upon proof by a preponderance of the evidence either 1 that the petitioner is not eligible for restoration or 2 there is otherwise good cause to deny the petition.

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In addition, a petition may be filed either in the circuit court of the county where the person resides or where the conviction was obtained. The law lists a number of licenses for which a certificate of employability does not provide relief, including licenses related to health care, mental health and developmental disabilities services, welfare services, law enforcement, education, insurance, and banking and finance.

An employer who hires a person with a certificate is immune to negligent hiring liability. A certificate of employability may only be sought by someone who has received or is seeking judicial restoration of rights. The petition for a certificate must be filed in the same court as the restoration of rights petition.

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The petition must include a statement of criminal and employment history, references and endorsements, and a statement of why the petition should be granted. The U. A petition may be granted only if the court finds all of the following by a preponderance of the evidence:. Denial of the petition may be appealed to the court of appeals only on the basis of abuse of discretion. Since , courts have been authorized under Tenn. A pardon may serve as grounds for expungement, and thus restoration of firearms rights.

My felony is from 30 years ago. I was hired by the Federal Government working for the Post Office. I was upfront about it in my application and was still hired after two background checks. I was turned down by a HVAC company. I explained that I worked for the Federal Government and they trusted me. Never once been in trouble since and I never will. I was an idiot. I call them every month. I know your feelings and can relate to every convicted felon out in society. This incident happened in but remains part of my life and have followed me over 20 years.

Many employers refuse to believe that anyone can change or the background they see deem to be the person in front of them. I was arrested for a felony almost 30 years ago not my fault, my name was on the lease is why I was arrested In LA. I moved to Cali, got a job with the government. I have recently moved back to my home state of LA. I applied for the state of LA. Will my arrest show up when they do the background check? I was charged with a felony in LA over 30 years ago, I was arrested because the lease was in my name. Will this show up on my background?

I have misdemeanors on my record from 5 years ago do you think my chance of becoming a foster grandmother is shot? The charges were for possession of a controlled substance and parhanella. So if I received a felony conviction in Texas over 7 years ago, but now live in another state, does the Texas non-reporting law stop the conviction from being reported to a company in the other state? Does the 7-year rule go by when you were sentenced or when you were released from prison? I want to move to Colorado a 7-year state, but I was released 6 years in dec ago and have been able to pass background checks in San Francisco.

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Charise June 22, Reply. Wow I hope you are right!! I have 3 from 26 yrs ago I hope I pass-. Michael Daniels February 17, Reply. Fingerprint based searches must be authorized by the individual or by a person or organization with the right to access the system. These include searches related to employment background checks and security. In the state of Tennessee, records of conviction have no termination date; they are permanent. They will remain in the records of the court that heard the case, and they will remain in the central statewide system of criminal records of the TBI.

One can only withdraw a conviction from public access by judicial action such as correction or expungement. The state accepts applications from employers and organizations whose purposes require or may be facilitated by criminal background checks. The state issues user identifications and user agreements with eligible employers and organizations.

These agreements permit access to the records systems for submission of applications with fingerprints. The system provides an official network of authorized fingerprint agencies. These official locations for fingerprinting have an approved chain of custody for the fingerprint records. The search includes arrests in Tennessee, misdemeanor charges, felony charges, misdemeanor convictions and felony convictions. Given the large potential for erroneous identification by name-based searches, the results are accurate reflections of the records but do not purport to identify the individual with certainty.

It is simply the criminal record information officially associated with the name and coordinates provided. Fingerprint based searches offer greater reliability that the records are those associated with the individual in question. Fingerprints do not relieve the possibility of error in the facts and events contained in the records. However, they do remove doubt that the individual under review and the individual connected to the records are the same.

A name-based search has a great potential for confused or mistaken identity.