How to find if a person is married

Many require the full name of both parties including maiden name, where applicable as well as the date of the marriage.

US vital Records

Many states also require you to submit your own personal information — sometimes accompanied by a photo ID — in order to complete an order. Related Posts 1.

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First Name. The marriage certificate is the official legal document proving the nuptials took place and that the marriage is legally binding.

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Some states may include civil unions or domestic partnerships in their vital record archives. Original copies, certified copies or simply just verification of the marriage can be obtained.

The marriage certificate is filed at the office of the County Clerk, Recorder or Registrar of Vital Statistics where the marriage license was issued. However, please be aware that the marriage certificate may not always state the same location the marriage ceremony took place. When a married couple legally divorces, the divorce records are filed as state vital records.

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  • There are three different types of divorce records: divorce certificate, divorce decree, and divorce record. Which of these documents may be available to the public, however, varies from state to state.

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    Divorce records are sometimes stored at both the state and county level. In most states, the death certificate is considered public domain and can be obtained by anyone regardless of their relationship to the deceased. Some jurisdictions, however, to restrict access. Restrictions on access to a death certificate may include access only to close relatives, including the spouse, parents, children, siblings and other persons who have a documented lawful right or claim, documented medical need or a state court order.


    Some death certificates can be certified by a neurologist in the case that a person is verifiably dead but still on life support. In this case, the neurologist verifies the person is brain dead.

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    Sometimes, a police officer or paramedic may be allowed to sign a death certificate under special circumstances, usually when the cause of death seems obvious and no foul play is suspected, such as in extreme old age. Follow the directions completely. If you are trying to find out if someone is married, the good news is that marriage licenses are public records.

    Anyone can find out if someone is married by searching the public records for the state and county where the marriage certificate is filed. With access to the internet, you can find the county records without paying a fee, unless you request a copy of the marriage license.

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    • US Vital Records?
    • Confirm the county where the marriage took place. You may have to narrow down your options based on where you know the person lived in their lifetime. Visit the National Association of Counties website to find the public records website of the county where you want to search for the marriage license. Pick the county.